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Seiko Silver Sumo - SPB029

August 27, 2018 

From what I was told by a couple of "Seikoholic" friends, Thailand is the second biggest market for their watches outside of Japan. Given this, Seiko would occasionally release special or limited edition models of their popular watches for the Thai watch consumers.


The Seiko Sumo is an example of a watch that was used as a base model and created a Thailand market special release in honor of the 25 years of "King of Power" duty free shop.   

Just limited to 1964 pieces, it is already a known fact for Seiko fanatics that this would be a hard piece to find. But is it worth it? Let's find out.

Look and Feel

The first that stands out with the limited edition Silver Sumo is its all silver watch head. From the wave design silver dial marked with a red "Limited Edition" to its striking silver traditional sumo bezel, the timepiece hints at being a classic sought after watch for its simple yet distinct design

It flaunts the usual case size of the Seiko Sumo which is at 44mm with a height of about 13mm. Lug size is about 20mm which makes finding aftermarket straps to play around with its all silver facade fun.


To note, Seiko added a circular cyclops magnifier to the Silver Sumo, which is unusual and quite different compared to the base Sumo's (they didn't have cyclops originally). 

The full set of the Silver Sumo did impress. It comes with the stainless steel bracelet and a nice set of rubber straps to swap in case you want to change the look. Included as well is a neat metal box and a fancy set of diving/snorkeling goggles. 

Seiko Silver Sumo Wrist
Seiko Silver Sumo Full Set.jpg

Source: Here

Seiko Silver Sumo.jpg

Source: Here


Housed inside it all silver watch face is the Seiko 6R15 automatic movement. Considering that this is a limited edition model, that is a wise decision.


But with the price it commands lately in the second hand or re-seller market, you might as well expect to get the 8 series movement in there 


Speaking of the price for this watch, if you want to own one (assuming you find one for sale), prepare to shell out no less than $1,500 USD.


Since it is also one of those Limited and Numbered releases from Seiko, supply and demand for this timepiece has been adversely affected (which is expected).

Seiko Silver Sumo Back Case.jpg

Source: Here


The Seiko Sumo is a handsome watch. It's commanding presence will garner looks from both WIS (Watch Idiot Savant) and Non-WIS.


If I do see another person wearing this, it tells me the following:

  • Serious Japanese watch collector

  • Definitely has some contacts in the Seiko collecting hobby so he/she can purchase this watch 

  • Loves sporty and casual wear

  • Has some spending power to impress WIS (Watch Idiot Savant

Watch Daddy Rating


  • Desirable (Limited and Numbered)

  • Will Impress the WIS community


  • Way Overpriced due to supply and demand

  • Might be too big of a watch for some wrists


Worth Considering

Watch Daddy Picks

Seiko Silver Sumo -  SPB029 

Seiko Silver Sumo.jpg
  • Limited and Numbered to 1,965 pieces

  • Seiko automatic movement (Caliber 6R15)

  • Silver Tsunami Wave Pattern on White Dial

  • Water resistant to 200 meters (660 feet)

  • Case Diameter 44mm and 20mm band 

Watch Daddy Alternatives

Seiko Black Sumo -  SBDC031 

Seiko Sumo.jpg
  • Stainless Steel Case and Bracelet

  • Seiko automatic movement (Caliber 6R15)

  • Hardlex Glass

  • Water resistant to 200 meters (660 feet)

  • Case Diameter 44mm and 20mm band 

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