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August 18, 2018 

Seiko has been releasing their PADI Special Edition models for some of their top sport model timepieces lately. Many of those are huge sellers especially the modern 62MAS PADI Diver.

Although not officially limited and not numbered, the 62MAS PADI diver is a JDM (Japan Domestic Model) release only but a lot of Seikoholics are saving a space on their watch boxes for this particular model and trying to get their hands on it.


Let's check it out to see why this could be a potential cult classic for Seiko. 

Look and Feel

The first thing anyone would notice on the "62MAS" PADI Diver is it's stunning gradient blue/black wave pattern dial. Stamped with the PADI logo combined with the red-bordered minute hand, one would agree that this would capture the hearts of Seiko fanatics worldwide.


Using the lollipop second hand is a nifty touch and suits the overall appeal of the timepiece. The dial indices, inspired by the iconic 62MAS (that was launched and manufactured in 1965), also indicate the watch's heritage and history. 

Seiko 62MAS Gradient Dial
Seiko 62MAS PADI

The signature wave gradient fill dial of the SBDC055

To modernize the design of the 62MAS PADI SBDC055, Seiko now uses its trademark Lumibrite to ensure the hands and indices provide bright and long-standing illumination for the watch's users.

Another highlight to note is the black aluminum bezel with blue coating along the outer edge which personally struck me while wearing the watch for the first time.


The steel case is about 42.6mm in diameter and is about the same size and proportions as the original 62MAS diver. The lugs clearly gives away its vintage heritage as it is lifted from its 62MAS ancestors.


The Seiko SBDC055's case is now treated with Seiko's Diashield coating which gives an extra layer of protection so the watch can withstand more scratches and case damages.

Originally it comes with a blue silicone rubber strap which is pretty swell. Lug size is 20mm and I would swap in a Seiko 20mm waffle strap from the Seiko Marine Master 300M to highlight the watch head better.

Seiko 62MAS PADI.jpg

The best strap option for the Seiko 62MAS PADI for me is the MM300 strap


Size comparison with the Seiko Black Series Turtle


Housed inside the SBDC055 is the desirable 6R15 automatic movement. Comparing to the 4R series movement, the 6R series is superior based on paper and personal observation/usage.


From what we have seen recently, most of the JDM mid-level Seiko watches already sport the 6R series movement which is a good move so they can go head to head with their Swiss ETA counterparts.


The average price of the SBDC055 "62MAS" PADI should still hover below $1000USD at the time of writing.


However, with its strong surge in demand and its lower-than-average supply as a Special Edition, I wouldn't be surprised if it settles a little above $1000USD in a year's time. 

Seiko 62MAS PADI Back
Seiko 62MAS PADI Buckle


This watch is stunning! A real eye-catcher and compliment magnet from all watch lovers and regular joe's (non-WIS). 


If I do see another person wearing this, it tells me the following:

  • Great lover of Seiko especially JDM models

  • Familiar or has gone diving with reference to the PADI logo

  • Loves sporty and casual wear

  • Knows how to play the wrist game with that beautiful gradient dial

Watch Daddy Rating


  • PADI association and Special Edition watch

  • Will Impress the WIS community

  • Beautiful Aesthetics (Dial, Bezel, & Case)

  • Priced just right


  • Would have loved to see the same watch in a 40mm case


Highly Recommended

Watch Daddy Picks

Seiko "62MAS" PADI SBDC055

Seiko SBDC055.jpg
  • PADI Special Edition Automatic Diver

  • Japanese Domestic Market release

  • Stainless steel case and Navy silicon bracelet

  • Seiko automatic movement (Caliber 6R15)

  • LumiBrite hands and markers

  • Water resistant to 200 meters (660 feet)

Watch Daddy Alternatives

Seiko Samurai PADI SRPB99

Seiko SRPB99.jpg
  • PADI Special Edition Automatic Diver

  • Stainless steel case and bracelet

  • Seiko automatic movement (Caliber 4R36)

  • LumiBrite hands and markers

  • Red and blue one-way rotating elapsed timing bezel

  • Water resistant to 200 meters (660 feet)

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