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Seiko SPB083J1 "Great Blue Hole"

October 26, 2018

Coming from a successful release of the Seiko Prospex SPB077 and SPB079, the Japanese watch giant’s next move to release another variant of the modern diver came no surprise to us. You can really guess the next move from Seiko after every base model release basing from the last 2 years most specially. ​


The special edition release of the base models of the SPB077 and SPB079 comes in the form of the Seiko Prospex SPB083J1 or what others may call it as the “Great Blue Hole – MM200”.  


Although not limited and numbered, is this new diver addition to the Seiko family worth owning? Let’s check it out.

Look and Feel

First impression that I got about the Seiko Prospex SPB083J1 after strapping it on is that this watch has a truly unique dial. The stunning blue gradient fill direction is different.


We usually see the gradient fill direction from top to bottom and a lot of popular models of divers are like that. Rolex’s DSSD D-Blue James Cameron 116660 and the Seiko Prospex SBDC055 are good examples of which.


But for the SPB083J1, we see the gradient fill direction side to side. It starts from a light blue pillar occupying the (11 and 1 o’clock) and (7 and 4 o’clock) markers in the middle and transitioning into dark blue towards the outer edges of the dial.


Travel around the world in style with the Seiko SPB083J1

Talking about the dial, it is definitely inspired from both the Seiko 6159-7001 (grandfather) and the Seiko Marine Master “MM300” SBDX017 (father). The round indices and the distinct 12 o’clock marker of the Seiko Prospex SPB083J1 is evidently lifted from its ancestors mentioned above.


To note though, the hands for all three (SPB077, SPB079, and SPB083) were changed by Seiko. For me, it resembles the Seiko Orange Monster hands but given a more subtle and modern design twist to it.


Another obvious tell that the SPB083 is a modern reinterpretation of the Seiko 6159 is with placement of the watch crown at the 4 o’clock position. Which I love because not only is it easier to pull and twist the crown but its much comfortable to the wrist.


The case design and lugs are as close to its original ancestors and would have sealed the deal on why this model is also coined the name “MM200” (200 meters water resistance instead of 300) in reference to the popular nickname of “MM300” of its watch ancestors.


The SPB083J1 uses the same stainless-steel bracelet at the SPB077

SPB083j1 Great Blue Hole MM200.jpg
WatchDaddy NATO Straps.jpg
Seiko Great Blue Hole MM300 Hands.PNG

We've modded the SPB083J1 with MM300 hands

Overall case diameter sits at 44mm with a lug width of 20mm. The watch uses an anti-reflective sapphire crystal and its case is treated with Seiko’s Diashield coating ensuring better scratch protection and corrosive resistance.

Out of the box, the Seiko Prospex SPB083J1 comes with 2 straps. 1 stainless steel (similar to the Seiko SPB077) and 1 dive silicone strap. The stainless-steel strap comes with a dive-extension and fold-over safety clasp which I found really helpful and with purpose.


I didn’t get the chance yet to change straps but if I do, I will swap in an original MM300 waffle strap for that real nostalgic feel and look.


The Seiko Prospex SPB083J1 uses Seiko’s trusty 6R15 automatic movement to ensure it provides dependable time-giving services to its owners.


I guess this is no surprise given the price point of the watch. It already is hand winding, hacking, and at the same time provide around 50 hours of power reserve to its users.  


At this point, the pricing for the Seiko “Great Blue Hole” SPB083J1 is a mixed bag online depending on where you try to buy it. But from an average check just recently, pricing ranges from around $1000 - $1500.


We still don’t know if this will increase in the future as this is a special edition watch although its not limited and numbered.


The SPB083J1 is unique on its own


Owning the Seiko “Great Blue Hole” SPB083J1 is a fantastic experience so far for me. It definitely gives me aesthetic satisfaction especially with how that unique blue gradient dial shimmers.


Casual on-lookers and bystanders are also attracted to the overall watch appeal and dial as it would get a noticeable amount of second looks from people. 


If I already own the Seiko Prospex SPB077 or SPB079, will I still buy this?


It’s a YES if:

  • You value collecting watches for the uniqueness of them (Special Edition Model)

  • You are in love with gradient style dials

It’s a NO if:

  • You buy watches for its overall case design, model, and value (No need for another special edition of the same base model as I have)

Also, WIS (Watch Idiot Savant) will definitely appreciate how Seiko created this special edition model and its fantastic blue dial. The overall case polishing and craftsmanship is there to be desired even if you just buy the high-end Swiss watch brands.


If I do see another person wearing this, it tells me the following:​

  • Has an eye for rare and beautifully detailed watch dials

  • Serious Japanese watch collector

  • Likes to be unique in choosing a watch

Watch Daddy Rating


  • Unique and Beautiful Gradient Blue Dial

  • Will be a future collectible piece since it’s a Special Edition Model

  • Priced just right for a JDM Seiko piece


  • Another variant of the Seiko Prospex SPB077 and SPB079

Highly Recommended

Watch Daddy Picks

Seiko SPB083J1.jpg

Seiko Prospex SPB083J1

  • Seiko Caliber 6R15 (Automatic) with Hacking and Hand Winding

  • Stainless Steel Case with extra Blue Silicon Strap

  • Anti-Reflective Sapphire Crystal and Diashield case treatment

  • Case Size: 44mm with 20mm lug size

  • Water Resistant - 200 M

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