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Seiko Presage - SRP465J1

October 5, 2018

Seiko, as a brand, has been well-known in the watch industry with their bang-for-the-buck diver's watches and other tool watches. But they do have their own share in the dress watch space as well.


For instance, their mid-level models (Seiko Presage) has been churning out elegant and affordable pieces for years now that have captivated the hearts of many.

Now a discontinued model, the Seiko Presage SRP465J1 is a fine example of a mid-level dress watch piece that is both elegant and unusual compared to the plethora of SARB's, SARY's, and Cocktail Time's around.


Let's review why this timepiece should be in your own dress watch collection as well!

Look and Feel

First thing any watch collector would notice about this uncommon piece is the stunning and attractive light blue guilloche hobnail dial that is not usually seen at this price range. The other known Seiko piece that uses a hobnail dial can be found on a Grand Seiko and we all know how far the price range for those watches are compared to the Seiko Presage line. 

One glaring highlight to the SRP465J1 is the unique bracelet that it comes with. It equally attracts buyers as it transcends elegance with a touch of sportiness on its design.


Wearing the bracelet as well was a treat as it was both light and comfortable to the wrist. Users of the watch would also appreciate the polishing and build quality of the bracelet and the watch case as it is obviously a notch above the regular Seiko diver's look and feel.


The watch case has a combination of polished and brushed metal areas which makes it stand out more in daylight. Moreover, the hands (hour, minutes, and seconds) reflected a tinge of dark blue which compliments the light blue guilloche hobnail dial.


To top it all off, the watch crown is also signed which puts the right accent to its Presage and Seiko branding and heritage.

The watch is at the perfect dress watch size of 39mm and height of 11mm which translates that it would fit a lot of wrists and most especially under dress shirt cuffs. Lug size is at 20mm and can surely take in a lot of aftermarket leather straps for all sorts of occasion for the wearer. 

Seiko Presage SRP465J1 Back View
Seiko Presage SRP465J1
Seiko Presage SRP465J1 Bracelet

Seiko Presage SRP465J1 running on Caliber 4R36


We see the usual caliber 4R36 day-date automatic movement inside the SRP465J1. It beats at 21600 bph and has 24 jewels to ensure that you have about 41 hours of power reserve.


Its not surprising to see the familiar 4R36 in the SRP465J1 because of its price range and straightforward functionality.


A couple of years ago, the Seiko Presage SRP465J1 had a retail price around $350-$450 USD. The watch itself was not a limited edition piece hence its expected to have just enough supply around the world.


However, what makes the SRP465J1 unique is that it was not released in all available countries. There were only a selected few that received the Seiko Presage SRP465J1 hence its uncommon and rare nature.


From scouting around the internet, the watch occasionally pops around but not too often. It still sells at the suggested retail price but who knows for how long. 

Seiko Presage SRP465J1 on Hirsch Leather

Seiko Presage SRP465J1 on Hirsch Leather


The Seiko Presage SRP465J1 is a real gem and find for those who own it. It reflects class and elegance at an affordable rate. The true winner for this watch is the light blue guilloche hobnail dial that you just don't see at this price range.


WIS (Watch Idiot Savant) and aficionados will definitely appreciate Japanese craftsmanship and detail if they get to experience the watch. 


If I do see another person wearing this, it tells me the following:

  • Has an eye for rare and beautifully detailed watch dials

  • Appreciates Seiko (not just for their diver's watches) but also for their dress watches

  • Equally enjoys wearing dress watches as well

Watch Daddy Rating


  • Rare light blue guilloche hobnail dial

  • Superb Polishing Technique

  • Unique bracelet design

  • Affordable (for now)


  • Rare piece and not readily available

  • Could have benefited from a better movement (ex. Caliber 6Rxx)

Highly Recommended

Watch Daddy Picks

Seiko Presage - SRP465J1

  • Automatic winding type with manual winding mechanism

  • Cal. 4R36 Movement, 23 Jewels, Made in Japan

  • Power reserve: approximately 41 hours

  • Second hand halts mechanism (Hacking)

  • Stainless steel bracelet has a deployant clasp

Watch Daddy Alternatives

Seiko Presage - SRPB41

Seiko Presage SRPB71.jpg
  • Seiko 23 Jewels Self-Winding Automatic Movement with Hackable Second Hand (Calibre 4R35B)

  • Stainless Steel Case and Band, Push Button Deployment Clasp

  • Hardlex Mineral Crystal, Date Display, Silver Tone Hands and Markers, Hand Winding Capability

  • Case Size: 40.5 mm Diameter, 12 mm Thickness

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