Seiko "Black Series" Turtle - SRPC49K1

September 6, 2018

Seiko fans all over the world rejoiced as the Japanese watchmaker announced the release of the "Black Series" trio. Consists of the trio are the Solar Chronograph-SSC673, Solar Diver - SNE493, and the Automatic Turtle diver - SRPC49K1.  

From the get go, "Seikoholics" have expressed desire and their clear favorite from the three new releases. Being considered as the number one affordable mechanical watch producer in the world, the new Seiko Black Series Turtle has already claimed the hearts of many as being their top pick. 


Let's find out why this was the absolute choice among the Black Series trio and why its sold out almost everywhere.

Look and Feel

The turtle cushion case has been a very big seller for Seiko on their vintage models and reissues to date. The Japanese watch brand sticks to what has worked and improved on it.


Oh boy, they made wonderful aesthetic improvements to the new Black Series Turtle.  


Seiko has used a matte black hard coating for their stainless steel turtle cushion case that gave the watch a much desired dark flair. One of the best additions/features for the Black Series is that they came with faux-patina (creamy mocha) dial.


Oh, lovely faux creamy patina for the vintage feels

This move, together with other watch makers like Oris, Steinhart, Etc., are banking on the popularity and desirability of vintage and aged-looking timepieces. 


Some like it, but there are others that don't. We at Watch Daddy feel it works for the Black Series release and has added much appeal to the watch head.

Case size is about 45mm and lug width is at 22mm which would open it to a lot of aftermarket strap options. It comes out of the box with a Seiko black silicon strap that already works/fits the watch theme.


Knowing the Seiko watch scene, a lot of the lucky owners of this watch would have already tried on a new strap. Case in point, you can see our attached pictures the Black Series Turtle sporting a black Zulu strap.


What we would  also suggest is that you can strap on some vintage looking leather bands to highlight the vintage theme. 

Side by side with the Seiko Zimbe Turtle


Seiko did not reinvent the wheel with the movement of the Black Series Turtle. You can still find inside the dependable 4R36 Automatic movement inside. If given a choice, we would have wanted to see a better movement like the 6R15 in place of the 4R36. 


The retail price for the Seiko Black Series Turtle is around $500-$600 USD. However, you can find this watch all over the internet and other retailers for just around $700-$900 USD.


The JDM model (SRPC49J1) is a little more expensive at about $900-$1,000 USD. Again, supply and demand has pushed this watch above its suggested retail price.

Size comparison with the "62MAS" PADI Reissue


The Black Series Turtle is a future cult classic for Seiko. WIS (Watch Idiot Savant) love the overall dark vintage theme and would not be afraid to flaunt the watch themselves.


If I do see another person wearing this, it tells me the following:

  • Serious Japanese watch collector

  • Fan of the 60's-70's vintage watch market and designs

  • Loves sporty and casual wear 

  • Has some contacts in the Seiko watch market to be able to buy it

Watch Daddy Rating


  • Vintage diver look

  • Desirable (Limited Edition)

  • Will Impress the WIS community


  • Same 4R36 movement as regular Seiko Turtle's


Highly Recommended

Watch Daddy Picks

Seiko Black Series Turtle - SRPC49K1

  • Limited Edition 

  • Seiko automatic movement (Caliber 4R36)

  • LumiBrite hands and markers

  • Water resistant to 200 meters (660 feet)

  • 44mm case width

  • Manual and automatic winding capabilities

Watch Daddy Alternatives

Seiko Black/Gold Turtle - SRPC48J1

  • Similar hard case black coating as SRPC49K

  • Seiko automatic movement (Caliber 4R36)

  • LumiBrite hands and markers

  • Water resistant to 200 meters (660 feet)

  • 45mm case width (approximately 1 3/4 inches)

Watch Daddy Alternatives

Seiko Black Dial Turtle - SRP777

  • Stainless steel case and bracelet

  • Seiko automatic movement (Caliber 4R36)

  • LumiBrite hands and markers

  • Water resistant to 200 meters (660 feet)

  • 45mm case width (approximately 1 3/4 inches)

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