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Best bracelet for Seiko SKX - MiLTAT Super 3D Jubilee

November 22, 2018

The Seiko SKX series is undeniably one of Seiko’s modern best sellers when it comes to their diving watch line. They provide owners with unmatched quality for the value that you pay.

But as with almost every timepiece, there is still some room for improvement especially on the factory issued jubilee bracelet. It feels a bit lacking on the build quality and materials as evidenced by the folded end links and thinner/lighter stainless steel.

So, what is the best stainless-steel bracelet out there for the Seiko SKX line? Very few come close to Strapcode/MiLTAT when they decided to produce the upgraded version of Seiko’s Jubilee bracelet for the SKX line of divers. Their Super Jubilee/Super 3D Jubilee did set the standard on what and how jubilee bracelets should be for affordable divers.

Let’s take a deeper look into why MiLTAT’s Super 3D Jubilee is the best for your Seiko SKX diver.

Look and Feel

From a far, the MiLTAT Super 3D Jubilee looks identical to the original Seiko Jubilee bracelet but when its up close, the differences are clear and identifiable.

The bracelet material for the Super 3D Jubilee is made from 316L stainless steel which is mainly used for a lot of jewelries and marine type applications. This is good since it shows that MiLTAT is serious in producing dive watch straps and is following Seiko’s standards.

You can see more of Seiko’s standards and reasons on why they are collectible watches here. (“8 reasons on why you need to collect Seiko watches”)

Miltat Super 3D Jubilee link
Miltat Super 3D Jubilee 2.jpg.png
WatchDaddy NATO Straps.jpg

The overall bracelet finish is composed of both brushed and polished finish which is paralleled to how jubilee bracelets should look like. The main difference that sets this apart from the Seiko jubilee counterpart is the overall weight of the bracelet and how it was constructed.

The MiLTAT Super 3D Jubilee is all made from solid-end links unlike the original Seiko jubilee where it was a combination of solid-end and folded links. This in turn makes the MiLTAT bracelet more hefty and solid in weight (about 93g for the whole bracelet).

Miltat Super 3D Jubilee back

Speaking more on the looks, the MiLTAT Super 3D Jubilee also has the same tapered measurements from the lug to the buckle. From the 22mm lug size up until to the 18mm buckle, the modified “3 dimensional” look on all bracelet links gives the MiLTAT piece a more premium feel and look over the Seiko jubilee bracelet.


Another important factor is that MiLTAT uses screw-in type of pins over pressure pins to ensure the links are well secured even after some adjustments.

Miltat Super 3D Jubilee buckle clasp.jpg

Coming to the buckle of the MiLTAT Super 3D Jubilee, its clearly very different compared to the Seiko jubilee. While Seiko uses a double-locking basic clasp made from a rather thinner sheet of stainless-steel metal, the MiLTAT Super 3D Jubilee utilizes a brushed 316L stainless steel double Fliplock diver’s clasp with push button.

Another advantage of the MiLTAT double Fliplock diver’s clasp is that it offers 6 micro hole type adjustments to ensure wearers can finely adjust their bracelets to their comfort level and liking.

Miltat Super 3D Jubilee Solid End Link.j

The MilTAT package already comes with a pair of Fat (2.5mm diameter) spring bars that are more beneficial for actual diving and would ensure secured connections from the lug to the end-links.

On the wrist, the MiLTAT Super 3D Jubilee sits quite nicely and comfortable given the proper micro adjustments c/o the double Fliplock clasp.

Why should you buy this for your Seiko SKX? Here is a summary:

  • MiLTAT used top quality 316L stainless steel and utilized all solid-end links to ensure proper build quality, heft, and longevity for your bracelet

  • It looks like the standard Seiko SKX jubilee bracelet but with MiLTAT’s advanced crafting technique, both the curved-end link and bracelet links angles were highlighted that leaves it more desirable

  • Highly customized for the Seiko SKX series ensuring there are no gaps after install especially on the lugs and solid-end links

  • Easier to wear and remove compared to the Seiko jubilee bracelet due to MiLTAT’s double locking Fliplock diver’s clasp with push button

Miltat Super 3D Jubilee wrist shot 2.jpg

So if you are in the market in changing your worn out Seiko Jubilee bracelet for your Seiko SKX or just want something much more robust and well-built to last, look no further than the MiLTAT Super 3D Jubilee for the Seiko SKX.


Do yourself a favor and go buy yours now!

Best of the best

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Miltat Super 3D Jubilee Pic.jpg

Strapcode/MiLTAT Super 3D Jubilee for Seiko SKX

  • Lug width : 22mm 

  • Buckle size : 18mm 

  • Buckle Include : Yes 

  • Buckle type / Buckle Finish : Brushed 316L Stainless Steel Double FlipLock Diver's Clasp with Push Button 

  • Overall Length : 190mm 

  • Thickness : 3.4mm 


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