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Crafter Blue for Seiko SKX series (CB05)

September 21, 2018

The constant rise in popularity for Seiko and other affordable mechanical timepieces have also attracted manufacturers to ride the boom and fabricate straps and accessories for the popular watch brands.


Such is the case with Crafter Blue as they have created custom-fit rubber straps for the iconic Seiko SKX series.


Let's see why the Crafter Blue curved-end rubber strap is a perfect strap option for the Seiko SKX series.

Look and Feel

Out-of-the-box, the first thing we noticed with the Crafter Blue CB05 is the high quality rubber that was used. Users will also quickly noticed that it had a certain vanilla scent to it which I found quite satisfying.  

Crafter Blue CB05 Front
Seiko SKX009 Pepsi

Speaking more on the rubber, its density seems to be just right without being too soft nor hard compared to other aftermarket rubber straps. 


The stainless steel tang buckle and keeper is presented in a brushed metal finish and works smoothly with the vulcanized rubber strap.


The keeper upfront is marked with the words "Professional" presenting a serious facade for diving use.

Crafter Blue CB05 Back

Another nice touch is that the back of the buckle is signed with the company name and logo giving it top notch premium over other generic rubber straps.  

Similarly, the back of the rubber strap is also branded (together with the model number) ensuring that its customized for a particular timepiece.


One would also notice the diagonal vent lines on the rubber. This should provide additional grip on one's wrist especially during diving and the proverbial "desk diving". 

Crafter Blue CB05 Fit

Wearing the strap, we found it very comfortable and did not feel awkward at any position. The curved-end design of the strap is what a lot of watch lovers are looking for their timepieces.


The rubber strap simply is at home with the watch and made it look like it came from the factory with the strap on.

Crafter Blue CB05 Wrist

One of the best features of the Crafter Blue strap is its great flexibility with its 16-point buckle holes. You just don't see that with all aftermarket straps.


Overall, its one hell of a strap for the money!

Highly Recommended

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Crafter Blue for Seiko SKX - CB05

  • Material: Premium Vulcanised Rubber

  • Strap Length: 140 / 80mm excluding the buckle

  • Features: Non-toxic, non-marking, hypoallergenic

  • Buckle and Keeper created from 316L stainless steel 

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