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6 Useful Gifts under $20 for Watch Lovers

October 25, 2018

The holiday season is fast coming up and it would be best to avoid the shopping rush. Panicked last-minute buyers all storm physical and online stores ordering items that are either sold-out or cannot be delivered on time due to the holiday shipping constraints.


So, we think that now would probably be the best time to start shopping for your gift ideas for your other watch aficionado friends.


Gifts are best given with these two factors in mind:

  • Usability – Will they be able to use it to its full capability or would it be just stored somewhere to be forgotten?

  • Affordability – How much do I have to spend in order to impress my family or friend? Will I break the bank after buying this gift?


With that being said, we have come up with really affordable (below $20) gift ideas for watch lovers that they would certainly be able to use and maximize as they continue with the watch hobby.


See below our top 6 gift ideas under $20 that are usable and affordable at the same time.

1.  Bergeon 6767-F Watch Spring Bar Tool

Bergeon 6767-F.jpg
Gifts Version 2.png

Bergeon as a company produces the finest, if not the best, jewelry and watch precision tools. The Swiss company’s popular 6767-F watch spring bar removal tool is one of the most sought-after by watch lovers because of its high-quality craftsmanship and design.


It’s practically the perfect tool for removing spring bars from watches. We personally use the Bergeon 6767-F in our strap-changing duties.

In a nutshell, here are the specs for the Bergeon 6767-F:

  • 0.80mm pointed end

  • 1.30mm fork end

  • 5 1/2" overall length

  • Durable tips that have the same thread allowing for interchangeability

  • Manufactured in Switzerland

Why you should give it as a gift?

  • Perfect all in one spring bar removal tool that would ensure your gift recipient will be able to change straps with most watches

  • Top brand in Jewelry and Watch Precision tools

  • Swiss Made

Watch Daddy Picks

Bergeon 6767-F.jpg

Bergeon 6767-F Watch Spring Bar Tool with fine pin and fork

2.  Cape Cod Polishing Cloth

Cape Cod High Res.jpg

Cape Cod cloths are popular with jewelers and watch aficionados as one of the safest and effective ways to restore high polish surfaces on jewelry and watches.


From our personal experience, they are fantastic in removing scuffs, swirls, and scratches on polished surfaces in our watches making them look brand new again.


Just to note, Cape Cod Polishing Cloths are not recommended to be used on white gold surfaces as continued use will eventually polish away the rhodium layer and result in color changes.


The same way goes with brushed metal surfaces; they may end up being high polished when Cape Cod is used on them.


In a nutshell, here are the specs for the Cape Cod Polishing Cloth:

  • Moist and Reusable that clean and polish/protect all types of metals (silver, brass, pewter, gold, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and nickel)

  • Pleasant Vanilla Scent

  • Leaves an anti-tarnish finish


Why you should give it as a gift?

  • Eventually, all watch users and collectors will scratch, scoff, and swirl their watches. This will ensure that they can polish away those unwanted marks and imperfections on their own at home.

  • Cape Cod Polishing Cloths are reusable and comes in a resealable pack/can so users will be able to use and preserve them for months and even years to come.

Watch Daddy Picks

Cape Code Polishing Cloth 2.jpg

Cape Cod Polishing Cloth

3.  Watch box for 6 (leather and wood)

Watch Box for 6.JPG

Watch owners and collectors will eventually have more than 1 watch. This is inevitable because this horology hobby is quite addicting, and some will lose count on how many watches they have stored away (and not getting the proper wrist time).


Because of this, storing watches properly is important to prevent damages and issues brought by improper handling and storage.


There are hundreds of watch box manufacturers who produces them in different materials and specifications. Frankly, this recommendation is not the best among them, but it is certainly ticking the two important points of the gift idea which is usability and affordability.


In a nutshell, here are the specs for our recommended Watch box for 6:

  • 12” x 4” x 3”

  • 6 slots with removable cushions that also can be removed to make room for other accessories as well

  • Made from wood and leather for that luxurious look

Why you should give it as a gift?

  • Proper and compact way to store watches in one secure container. Smaller footprint compared to storing and displaying all watches on their respective brand/OEM boxes.

  • Every time your friend or relative picks up and stores his watch, you will be remembered for the gift

Watch Daddy Picks

Watch Box for 6.JPG

Generic Watch box for 6

(Made from wood and leather)

4.  The Watch Vault Travel Case Storage 

The Watch Vault Travel Case.jpg

Watches belong on wrists of everyday people because they have a particular function for that individual (tool watch, chronograph, basic time telling, etc.). Needless to say, people with watches move around and a lot of them travel to different places and countries for whatever reason.


Some of these frequent travelers just bring 1 watch and that is fine. But others need to bring a minimum of 2 or more because their travel purpose or occasion calls for it.


We at Watch Daddy are examples of individuals who need to carry more than 1 type of watch when we travel or move around. Typically, we would use our tool watches the whole day and swap in another dress watch at night if we need to attend formal meetings or dinners.


The Watch Vault Wrist Watch Travel Case is the ideal and perfect watch carrier and storage because it just provides the right functionality/usability for meticulous watch owners and it is affordable for most.


In a nutshell, here are the specs of The Watch Vault travel case storage:

  • 3.7"x3.7"x2.1"

  • Made from Nylon (Light and Durable)

  • Soft fabric lining inside to ensure a scratch and damage-free storage for your precious timepieces

Why you should give it as a gift?

  • Almost everyone travels at some point in time so your friend or relative will eventually find a need to use them to store watches. If not used for watches, they can be used to store something else like bracelets, jewelry, etc.

Watch Daddy Picks

The Watch Vault Travel Case.jpg

The Watch Vault travel case storage 

5.  Horosafe Watch Polishing Ultrasoft Cloth


After wearing our watches, the whole day, we often take them off our wrists and store them in watch boxes and cases. However, we also make sure to do a simple cleaning by wiping away everything that touched the watch surface that day (e.g fingerprints, dust, watermarks, etc.).


It is very important to use the proper cleaning cloth to do this though, so you will not induce or create more scratches, swirl marks, and scoffs to your beloved watches. This is why we recommend a great cleaning cloth from Horosafe.

The Horosafe Watch Polishing Ultrasoft Cloth is made from NANOFIBRE (a proprietary technology that's 100X Finer Than Microfiber and 1000X Finer Than Human Hair) to ensure you safely clean any watch surface the safest way possible.


Plus, together with the Cape Cod Polishing Cloth (which is moist with polishing liquid), you can use the Horosafe Watch Polishing Cloth to buff away the leftover residue from the Cape Cod Polishing Cloth making the two products perfect working partners to ensure your watch is always looking brand new!

In a nutshell, here are the specs of the Horosafe Watch Polishing Cloth:

  • Made entirely from NANOFIBRE

  • Absolutely safe for all watch surfaces

  • Machine washable up to 500 times

  • 12”x12”

Why you should give it as a gift?

  • Every watch owner will need a reliable and safe cleaning cloth to ensure their watches are always looking nice and clean

  • You can buy this, together with the Cape Cod Polishing Cloth (Moist) above, for the perfect pair holiday present for your loved ones

Watch Daddy Picks


12x12 Horosafe Watch Polishing Ultrasoft Cloth

6.  Polywatch Crystal Scratch Remover

Polywatch Watch Glass Polish.jpg

Due to everyday wear and tear of strapping on and enjoying watches, they encounter rough scratches not only on the bracelet and case but also on the watch glass/crystal as well.


We discussed above that Cape Cod Polishing Cloth is a good option for polishing away those nasty scratches from the polished metal parts and buffing the remaining Cape Cod residues with a good and safe buffing/cleaning cloth like the Horosafe Polishing Ultrasoft Cloth.


But how do we handle the scratches, swirls, and scoffs found on the watch glass/crystal? Simple, the Polywatch Crystal Watch Remover will handle that problem.

We have used the PolyWatch Crystal Watch Remover to great effect in recent years into the watch hobby and it is effective if used the right way. Buyers of the Polywatch can find lots of videos posted online on how to use it and demo the results after.


We have saved money by using this product because we didn’t have to replace our scratched or worn-out watch glass/crystals.

In a nutshell, here are the specs of the Polywatch Crystal Scratch Remover

  • Polywatch comes in a 5ml tube good for 10 usage

  • Effective for Watch Plastic / Acrylic Crystal Glass

Why you should give it as a gift?

  • Watch crystal glass and plastic will inevitably be scratched when a watch is enjoyed. Your loved ones will surely appreciate and use this product when that time comes.

  • You get to save your loved ones from headaches and financial spending from changing watch crystal glasses and plastic.

Watch Daddy Picks

Polywatch Watch Glass Polish.jpg

Polywatch Crystal Scratch Remover

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