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How To Remove Scratches On A Polished Watch Case

November 9, 2018

From time to time, even how much you take care of your watch, it will incur and get scratches on it. That is the reality unless your watches are just safe queens.

But do not fret. These light to medium scratches on your polished metal case can be removed with a few tools and products on board.

Before we begin removing scratches on your polished watch case, here are some tools that you would need for the process:

Step 1:

Using the microfiber cloth, make sure to gently clean away any visual dirt and dust on the polished metal part of your watch case. This would ensure you do not create more scratches on the watch case as we go through the polishing process.


Step 2

Step 2:

Prepare the Cape Cod Polishing cloth. I personally like cutting a small piece (1” x 1”) for polishing since you can ensure a more focused Cape Cod contact patch on the polished part.

Note: Cape Cod cloth is not intended for use on any brushed metal surfaces as it can turn it into a polished metal surface from continuous rubbing and polishing. Make sure you mask or avoid contact on any brushed metal areas.


Step 3

Step 3:

Start the polishing process by rubbing the small Cape Cod Piece on the target area from side to side. Add a little bit of force when there are more visual scratches.


The Cape Cod cloth will turn a little darker as your start to rub it which is expected and normal as it contains a special polishing liquid.

Step 4:

After about 30 seconds of polishing and rubbing on the polished, stop the use of the Cape Cod cloth and use the microfiber cloth to remove the polish on the target areas. Rub and polish to a bright shine.

If you feel you need to polish and remove scratches more, repeat the process starting Step 3.


Newly polished and shiny!

Step 5:

To finish, generally rub and wipe the whole watch with your microfiber cloth just to make sure all polish is wiped off and clean on all watch surface.

Enjoy the new shiny polished areas of your watch!

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